40ft liquid Hydrogen Tank Container

40ft liquid Hydrogen Tank Container Product Number: Cryogenic tank container Standard/Code:     ASME VIII DIV 1; IMDG Frame - in accordance with: ISO 1496/3 Corner Castings: ISO Standard 1161 Size and type code: 42K7 Design Approvals:    T75 UN PORTABLE, IMDG, TIR, UIC, CSC, ISO1496-3 Design Pressure: 0.8Mpa(116Psi) Max Operation Pressure:   0.8Mpa(116Psi) Full Volume: 41.5m3 Effective Volume: 37.35m3 Filling Rate:   90% Design Temperature and pressure: Inner Tank Temperature: -253℃ Inner Tank MAWP:  0.8Mpa Outer Jacket: -40℃~+50℃ Inner Jacket MAWP:  -0.103Mpa Insulation:…

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