About us

About us

01 Bewellcn Brief

Innovation · Beyond Everyday

Bewellcn Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a Solution supplier in gas and energy field, including  tank container, truck/semi-trailer, storage tank and gas refilling station in Shanghai free duty park.

The factory capacity

  • 200,000 square meters
  • 400+ employees
  • Cryogenic Tank: 1000+ Sets/year
  • Tank container: 1000+ Sets/year
  • Trailer Capacity: 500+ Sets/year
  • Certificate: CCS, ASME (LR or BV)

Innovation· Beyond Every day, we sincerely looking forward to cooperation with you.

03 Solutions

Our Leading Products:

  1. Cryogenic Storage Tank
  2. Tank container (10ft, 20ft, 40ft and offshore type)
  3. Semi-trailer and mobile tank or transportation tank.
  4. Handy Tank (1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L)
  5. Dewar (175L, 195L, 210L, 450L, 1000L)
  6. Cryogenic pump and piston refilling pump
  7. High Pressure Nitrogen Gas skid in oil service field
  8. Marine LNG gas supply system
  9. LNG/LCNG/H2/CNG refilling skid and stations
  10. High Pressure tube bundle container
  11. Air separation unit (ASU)
  12. PSA generator
  13. Gas cylinder and offshore Gas Rack
  14. Industrial gas refilling station (oxygen, nitrogen, argon or mixed gases) and gas cylinder & bundle.
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