About us

About us

01 Bewellcn Brief

Innovation · Beyond Everyday

Bewellcn Shanghai Co., Ltd. is a Solution supplier of tank container, truck/semi-trailer, storage tank and gas refilling station in Shanghai free duty park.

The factory capacity

  • 200,000 square meters
  • 400+ employees
  • Cryogenic Tank: 1000+ Sets/year
  • Tank container: 1000+ Sets/year
  • Trailer Capacity: 500+ Sets/year
  • Certificate: CCS, ASME (LR or BV)

Innovation· Beyond Every day, we sincerely looking forward to cooperation with you.

03 Solutions

Our leading products are:

  1. Cryogenic Storage Tank
  2. Tank container (10ft, 20ft, 40ft and offshore type)
  3. Semi-trailer and mobile tank or transportation tank.
  4. Marine LNG gas supply system
  5. LNG vaporization Station
  6. LNG/LCNG/H2/CNG refilling skid and stations
  7. Industrial gas refilling station (oxygen, nitrogen, argon or mixed gases) and gas cylinder & bundle.
  8. High Pressure tube bundle container
  9. Air separation unit (ASU) and PSA generator
04 Qualification